What’s Your Truth?

There is only one truth. One basis of truth and that is the Word of God. Scripture. The Bible. That is our foundation. Our core truth. Unfortunately, even if we verbally will say this is our truth by which we live, it often isn’t. We don’t purposefully believe a different truth – but we inherently live it.

For years I lived by the truth of what I was verbally taught. Not that there is anything blatantly wrong about casually living by the basics of that, but there is something wrong when that becomes our foundation for truth. When we begin judging others or taking a stance about an issue based on what we have been verbally taught therein lies the problem. Whether that be by a teacher, a pastor, a friend, or your parents. None of these are an authority of truth. Scripture is the ONLY authority of truth.

If you grew up in “the church” or in a Christian home then hopefully what you have been taught is based upon scripture. But do you know that? Have you studied the scripture yourself to understand the real truth in any of those areas. I say this because I used to have very strong beliefs based on what I had been verbally taught which I believed came from scripture. The problem with this is that humans have an ability to slightly twist the scripture. Because – well – we aren’t perfect, and we trust the people who have taught us. And then when something is taught straight from scripture that goes against what we were verbally taught there is a very uncomfortable feeling. We question it. And we argue it based on what we believe to be truth. I have been here more than once.

If you are a believer, there is nothing more important than knowing what the scriptures say. It it the ultimate truth regardless of what you have been taught and regardless of how strongly you believe a different view. I’ve caught myself criticizing or judging others and myself based on a cultural manner or behavior that is not scripturally based. These ideas that we carry get in the way of us understanding what truth is and hinder us from doing what we need to be doing in the name of Jesus. These teaching take us down the road of being more concerned about not sinning instead of being concerned about going out in the name of Christ.

I urge you to examine your belief system of truth. Especially if you were brought up in the church. The only the authority any teacher or pastor has to teach is the Word of God. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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