Wait a minute…

We go through different seasons in life. But the in-between of the seasons feel like a season of their own..the wait. Sometimes I feel like the season I keep repeating and reliving is the WAIT season.

There are small wait periods: waiting to use the bathroom. for your child to finish their dinner. for coffee. for the laundry to be done (which in actuality, never happens). for the project to be finished.

And big wait periods: for the adopted child. for the wedding day. for the new house. for the baby to be born. to lose weight.

We sold our house at the end of June and are buying our next one tomorrow. During the interim we are living with my parents (which is great! Thanks Mom and Dad!). You can read in previous posts about why we are moving. Waiting on the new house these last few months have been tiring. But now that we are here, we are entering a new waiting period. We are remodeling the home and we will have to wait to move in. I get so tired of waiting. I wonder… when can I just live?

And so, the story goes…God reminds me…the WAITing season is when you live.

If I’m not careful, I moan through the waiting instead of living. Life really happens during the wait times of our lives. Our molding happens during the wait season. That’s when I grow the most. That’s when I make new discoveries, when I develop new relationships. The saying is true – Life is a journey, not a destination. When I focus on waiting and not living each moment I don’t just miss opportunities, I forfeit them.
God speaks to me a lot during the waiting times. Or maybe it’s that I spend more time listening during those times. I am learning to be content during the waiting seasons. My goal is to desire the waiting season, to wait on the waiting seasons. For by desiring those uncomfortable times is desiring hearing/listening to God more. It is desiring to grow, to learn, to develop new relationships.

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